Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Course Overview

Our Graphic Design course (Visual Communication) is about creating stunning images and artworks that deliver powerful messages. At Raffles, our coursework will equip students as they develop their skills in creating magazine layouts, book covers, promo ads and other commercial art forms that can be crafted with Graphic Design. Our Graphic Design course modules consists of activities to guide students as they design commercially-viable Graphic Design portfolios sought by top creative agencies. At Raffles, we guarantee students have the right tools and exposure to grow as professionals.

Apply for our Graphic Design course and graduate with a Bachelor and Master Degree.

Achievements & Industry Collaborations


Career Opportunities

  • Creative Director
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Editorial Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Corporate Identity Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Print Production Manager
  • Graphic Designer

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