Design Management

Design Management

Course Overview

Managing creatives and the creative process in collaboration with other functional teams requires a broad skillset, including technical know-how and leadership characteristics. Established techniques of leadership and management will be taught alongside access to the faculty’s wide range of creative activities. Creative practitioners are increasingly being regarded as multi-disciplinary within the design industry. The Design Management course focuses on challenges and creative culture, as well as a deeper understanding of design processes, evaluation and expectations. This course will involve a mix of creative design, management and leadership processes to equip you with the skills and expertise to lead effective creative design of commercial value within industrial, retail or service sectors. It is structured around the three themes of communication, collaboration and creativity.

Apply for our Design Management course and graduate with a Master Degree.

Achievements & Industry Collaborations


Career Opportunities

  • Project Manager
  • production Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Regional Operations Manager
  • Regional Brand Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Chief Creative Director
  • Executive Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Product Designer Director
  • Design Director
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Fashion Design Manager
  • Graphic Design Manager
  • Multimedia Design Manger
  • Digital Game Art Manager
  • Interior Design Manager
  • Management Consultant

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