Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Course Overview

Our Fashion Design course will teach students how to work with textiles, clothing design, and other hands-on skills as well as fashion theory. Students will learn how to select appropriate fabrics, acquire Gerber Technology knowledge to design dress patterns and learn about different machine stitches such as straight stitches for seaming and zigzag stitches for button holes. This course is also designed with timely assessments to equip each student to build an impressive Fashion Design portfolio for future employers and clients.

Apply for our Fashion Design course and graduate with a Bachelor and Master Degree.

Achievements & Industry Collaborations


Career Opportunities

  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Design Director
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Fashion Merchandiser/Buyer
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Pattern Designer/Maker
  • Textile Fabric Colourist
  • Technical Designer
  • CAD Designer

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