China, Shanghai

China, Shanghai

Campus Overview

The school was founded in 1994 in conjunction with Donghua University; directly subordinate to China’s Ministry of Education and the “211 Project”; and Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai was the first nationally approved joint venture institutes in Shanghai. All programmes are carried out in English by academic staff from around the world. The academic team of Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, hails from places like the US, UK, Australia, France, and Germany. After completing two years of studies in Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, you may choose to pursue your bachelor’s degree in other colleges within Raffles’ Asia Pacific network.

Address: No 1188 Tian Yao Qiao Road, Duo Yun Xuan SPACE, Zone C, 6th Floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Raffles Shanghai

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