Eli J Fine Jewelry

- Art Nouveau Design Competition 2023/24

Eli J Fine Jewellery - Art Nouveau Design Competition 202324

Congratulations to Raffles Jewellery Designer,  LI Xiao Jia on designing the winning design, picked by Co-Founder and Designer Joanne SIM of Eli. J Fine Jewelry.

Participating Raffles Jewellery Designers includes:
Catherine SANTOSO
Carissa HUSIN
CHEN Si Hang
HOR Kim Nay
LI Xiao Jia
LIM Jia Ying
WU Si Qi
HAN Shi Yu
Iewa Fawad Bin MOHAMED
NG Yu Kee
Fache Weber Amelie LOUISE
Trevor TSE
Michelle Prudence PRASETYO
Johannah HO Yiun Nin
KIM Minkyoung
CHEN Yan Chu
Hien Xaviera Thrixie SHIBA
NGUYEN Thi Hong Hac
GU Chen Lin

Proudly partnering with Eli. J Fine Jewelry, where Co-Founder Joanne SIM has been crafting timeless pieces since 2005.  From vintage charm to bespoke creations, Eli.J is a celebration of sophistication for the modern woman. Excitingly, we’ve given Raffles Jewellery Designers the canvas to create an art nouveau-inspired collection. Winning designs will come to life at the Eli.J Fine Jewelry boutique in 111 Somerset

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