MUJI Re-inspire Exhibition 2023

- Reopening at Plaza Singapura

MUJI Re-inspire Exhibition 2023

Raffles College of Higher Education would like to congratulate MUJI Singapore on the grand opening of the largest global flagship store in Southeast Asia on 22 November 2023.

MUJI Plaza Singapura Global Flagship Store is the biggest MUJI store in Singapore to date and a significant milestone for MUJI Singapore over the 20 years in Singapore. This expansive store, covering 38,000 square feet in the heart of the city, serves as the primary anchor to display the entire comprehensive product range (across concept, scale, and variety).

Within this flagship store, “Open MUJI” is a space for MUJI Singapore to partner with local designers and creators to create exhibition and workshops, enabling MUJI Plaza Singapura to be a place for the community to exchange ideas, and for learning and education. Raffles College of Higher Education is honoured to be the FIRST education institution to present, “RE-Inspire” – the first sustainable exhibition of designs that use MUJI’s ageing and defective items in fashionable collections, jewellery accessories, lights, art installation, etc in a Zen garden.

Inspired by the comma, a mark symbolising a slight pause in the fast-paced lifestyle and representing MUJI’s appreciation of the eco-conscious practice of prolonging the shelf life of products via creative repurposing.

A RE-inspiring sustainable exhibition, and a successful collaboration by Design!

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