SIDFest 2021

Raffles College of Higher Education is proud to be a part of the SIDSFest 2021 and participated in the Generation Next Exhibition and Student Sharing sessions. Raffles Interior Designers featured are Gordon TRAN, Clarita MELINA, Jennifer KOSASIH, KHO Siv Mey and Thanakorn SENSATHIEN. Of which, Raffles Interior Designer Gordon TRAN was invited as a panellist at the Generation Next – Student Sharing session. Generation Next – Student Sharing session was organised by Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) Student Chapter.

The project of each Raffles Interior Design student is unique because they are very personal to each student. They provide design solutions to a wide variety of complex real-life space problems. The students’ projects tackle social or environmental issues specific to their country of origin, and some incorporate sustainable design. The emphasis is placed on complex spatial design, creative problem-solving, communication skills, knowledge of building materials and construction.

The project displayed here are varied. Strong in the theme of sustainability are a biophilic design University to raise awareness for sustainable design, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and a sustainable collaboration co-working space for designers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Other projects focus on youth and education, such as a street youth centre and social housing in Thailand, an education centre for youth promoting urban farming in Singapore, and a collaborative culinary hybrid space for youth promoting food industry in Indonesia.

SIDFest 2021 celebrates the positive perspective and invites designers to create experiences using the tools of Interior Design – materials, lights, colours, textures and spaces.

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