When Fashion Meets The Quincy Hotel

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Singapore – Three Raffles Fashion Designers, Anastasia Alvina Niti Santoso, Jenifer Purnomo Phoa and Nurul Fathin Binti Nasarudin, impressed many with their creative uniform design for the Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality.

This collaboration came after the huge success of organising an “Art-Inspired Contest” with the Rendezvous Hotel Singapore.

The Quincy Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the Central Singapore. Known for its exclusive enclave that defies conventional wisdom, the Hotel is catered to meet the demands of both the busy and business executive, as well as the discerning leisure travellers of today, maintaining a quirky edge. In line with its “quirkiness”, the challenge was to create a unique and peculiar, yet flattering and comfortable uniform design.

“Quincy is a quirky Hotel which allows Raffles Designers to be snazzy and go after the bandwagon in their designs. The overall presentation showed us that they have a lot of creative juices that has yet been tapped on.” said Melvin Lim, Area General Manager of The Quincy Hotel.


“Raffles really pushes us to break boundaries. If it weren’t for the constant encouragement from Raffles Creative Practitioner Yasitha to participate in this contest, I wouldn’t be able to learn so many things. This competition opened up my industry-relevant experience, taught me the real-world challenges that a fashion designer would face such as communicating of ideas and expressing designs to the client.” said Nurul.

“This collaboration has allowed me to experience the entire process of designing, presenting and getting designs approved. The requirements from the Hotel challenged me to create a uniform that was stylish yet functional. Raffles had given us a learning environment that helped us to grow, and also provided collaboration opportunities for us to meet the industry partners.” said Anastasia.

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