The Secrets of Jewellery Making

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Singapore – For fourth time, Raffles Academy of Continuing Education (RACE) took part in the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Jobs and Skills Training Fair and promoted a short course on Contemporary Jewellery Design in November 2014.


The CDAC fair aims to create awareness of skills upgrading and training opportunities among workers and the public. Through RACE, 95% course fee was also subsided by CDAC for participants who fulfilled the requirements.


The course was well-received by all ages, especially adult learners seeking to upgrade their skills, could do so through RACE.

Comes with practical hands-on session conducted by Raffles Creative Practitioner Jil Lin, participants were very enthusiastic during the course and impressed with the techniques of making a jewellery. They also managed to make their own Jewellery pieces within a short time.

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