Saudi Women’s Fashion Dreams

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Saudi Arabia – There is no need to worry about travelling abroad to get the best education in Fashion Design from specialised institutes and schools. Saudi women living in Riyadh now have the opportunity to study Fashion Design through Raffles Riyadh, which is a leader in teaching design for female in the Middle East. At Raffles, we offer the best design elements in all of the following majors: Fashion Design, Jewellry Design, Interior Design, Visual Communication (also known as Graphic Design), Fashion Marketing and Management, and Merchandising.

Hala Halawani, Director of Raffles Riyadh mentioned to Al-Hayat newspaper that the upcoming management procedure in the institute seeks to strengthen the creativity in art and design skills, in addition to stimulate the business side through offering international learning programmes that aims to teach Saudi females with major skills that they need to enable them to enter the market confidently. In return, this contributes to Saudi national economy by offering jobs for new designers after their graduation.

Halawani pointed out that the educational system offers Bachelor and Master degrees in less than four years and a half, comparing to the others where a design student may take around six years to graduate. Added by Halawani, she said that the Diplomas and Advanced Diploma available in Raffles Riyadh allows students to get a Degree by completing the Diplomas in Riyadh and broadening their horizons by travelling to any campuses within the Raffles network to complete their study within a year. All majors offered at Raffles are taught by highly internationally qualified and specialised Creative Practitioners in Design fields.

For those who are interested in learning Design, scholarships are available to cover almost 50% of the total fees. Hence, this displayed a strong belief in the importance of upgrading community services in Saudi Arabia with an international and local accreditation under the supervision of technical vocational training center.

A student, Sara Al-Askar, preferred to leave her current job to follow her dream as a Fashion Designer. She claimed that after spending one year learning at Raffles Riyadh, she realised that she made the right decision. The fact that the institute pushes you forward to create and express your ideas enormously is like her second family.

Another student, Lama, who has a big passion about fashion and design has confirmed that her dream came true at Raffles Riyadh. She pointed out how surprised she was when she heard of such a great Design Institute in Saudi Arabia, so she took enrolled with Raffles without hesitation.

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