Raffles Singapore’s Students Gained Knowledge from Industry Professionals

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Singapore – Raffles Singapore‘s Designers and Entrepreneurs enhanced their knowledge through seminars conducted by various industry professionals. Through these seminars, students can maintain their competitiveness and keep themselves abreast of the latest industry trends. It also helps them to have a smooth entry into their future career paths.

Visual Communication
54 Raffles Visual Communicators and Creative Practitioners attended the “Copyright for Writers and Illustrators” seminar on 18 July 2014. Organised by Intellecutal Property Office of Singapore and Honour Intellectual Property (HIP) in supported by IP Academy Singapore, the seminar also covered copyright and IP-related matters relevant to the writers and illustrators, and the journey of an IP Co-Creator on the process from ideation to publication. The speakers were Kylie Peh, Senior Associate of WongPartnership LLP; and Mr James Suresh, co-creator of noted local works such as “Mr Kiasu” and “On a Street of Singapore”. Raffles Creative Practitioner Andrew Tan said: “It is beneficial for our students to learn more about copyright, knowing how to protect their creative works.”

HT Zone is a one-stop IT provider that offers a wide range of services from web hosting to IT training for the diverse needs of small and medium sized businesses. The founder, Tan Hai Tat, presented an online entrepreneurship talk on 24 July 2014. Isaac Leung, Raffles Business Programme Coordinator, said: “The talk aims to satisfy learning outcomes on real-time entrepreneurship, and provide updated and current advices to students pertaining to start-ups.”

Interior Design
Guest speakers from TAK, a company that sells and produce laminates for furniture and Greenlam who is a dominant player in the laminate industry, conducted two sessions of seminar on 25 July and 1 August 2014 to 60 Raffles Interior Designers and Creative Practitioners.

“As future Interior Designers, students must be familiar with all the materials and finishes and their accompanying characteristics and possibilities of usage. Material sourcing, knowing the market that can provide materials for their future projects is also essential for them.” said Jelena.

Guest speakers from TAK provided students with knowledge of a laminate, how it is produced, where it could be applied and the trends. While Greenlam covered topics such as interior lamination, applications, manufacturing process and beneficial properties of laminates such as eco-friendliness, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and fire-resistance.

Jewellery Design
34 Raffles Jewellery Designers attended a talk by jewellery veteran Mrs Achillea Koh, Founder of Caratell Pte Ltd and Serin Tan, Caratell’s Jewellery Designer on 1 August 2014. The seminar focused on the aesthetics and customisation of jewellery, and exposed our designers to have a better understanding of designing customised pieces for clients. They covered various factors to consider when customising for clients such as types of stones, types of design styles, facial shapes, ergonomic-comfort and finger types.