Raffles School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong

College Overview

Studying design or business at Raffles School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong, will give you an international education experience. There will be opportunities to meet and learn from like-minded people from all over the world – they can be veteran lecturers, classmates, or even guest speakers. Coursework involves engaging activities such as curriculum-related field trips, and professional workshops to build your skills. You can also participate in industry competitions to test your skills, build your portfolio, or simply gain experience.

Courses Advanced Diploma Bachelor's Degree
Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing
Graphic Design
Interior Design

Admission Requirements

For entry into Advanced Diploma:

  • Successful completion of the HKDSE with four subjects in level 2 or above, one must be English


  • Satisfactory completion of either one of the following:
    • Completion of International Baccalaureate Middle Year Programme Certificate with English Grade 4 or above; OR
    • Completion of BTEC National award Level 3 qualifications; OR
    • Completion of GCE A Levels: OR
    • Year 10 equivalent


  • English language proficiency requirement: IELTS Score of 5.5 (or equivalent). (For candidate who holds different qualifications, please contact us directly to check your eligibility.)

For entry into Top-up Degree Year:

  • Completion of Raffles advanced diploma in a relevant discipline
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Other qualifications, please check with us

For mature students admission:

  • Students with appropriate life experience (without the standard entry requirements) who have an interest and enthusiasm for design are encouraged to apply and will be considered on merit, Experiential learning is taken into account.

Raffles Hong Kong FAQ

How long does it take to get my student visa application approved?

It will normally take six weeks to process a visa or entry permit application upon Hong Kong Immigration Department’s acceptance of all the required documents.

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Will the college assist my student visa application?

Institutions will provide assistance to admitted non-local students in applying for a student visa/entry permit. The institution will act as the sponsor for the visa/entry permit application and forward the application forms to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for processing.

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Can I apply even before I have completed High School?

You cannot apply without submission of your High School results as this is part of our admission requirements.

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Do I have to send my application personally to Raffles Hong Kong?

It won’t be necessary to submit your documents personally at Raffles Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can simply submit your documents via post to the nearest IAO office.

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Do I need to submit portfolio?

You will not be required to submit your portfolio. However, if you are seeking for credit transfer, you will need to submit a set of portfolio.

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Other than IELTS, do you accept other English qualifications?

We accept GCE O level English C6 or above, International Baccalaureate Middle Year Program Certificate with English Grade 4 or above, and TOEFL with a minimum score of 70 (internet based).

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What kind of documents should I prepare if I seek for credit transfer?

Prepare your portfolio along with your highest education certificate and transcript, module description and resume.

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Can I still apply without IELTS?

You can apply without IELTS but we will have to arrange an English Placement Test (EPT) for you in Raffles Hong Kong. If you are still unable to pass the EPT, you will need to undergo an additional English programme in a third party English Institution provider in Hong Kong.

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What is the medium of instruction at RHK? I can’t speak Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) and I’m worried I won’t be able to understand my lecturers.

Don’t worry; English is used as the main medium of instruction. While Cantonese is the mother tongue in Hong Kong, most locals can also communicate in English. In addition, street signs, restaurant menus, and building notices are bilingual.

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Is there accommodation provided in the campus?

We do not have a hostel located at our campus; however we are able to assist you to look for a suitable accommodation.

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Cost of living

Approximately HK$12,200 up per month
Accommodation: HK$7000 – 10,000 
Transportation: HK $ 750 – 1500
Dining: HK$3000 – 5300
Phone Bill: HK150 – 400
Personal Expenses: HK$ 1300 – 2500

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I am an international student; however can I work part time after official class hours?

You are not allowed to work in Hong Kong either paid or non – paid with a student visa.

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Can I look for a job in Hong Kong after graduation?

After you completed your undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, you may consider to apply for “extension of stay” in Hong Kong without other conditions for another 12 months. You are free to take up and change employment during your permitted stay without the need to seek prior approval from the Director of Immigration. You may start your career and develop your connections in design during your stay in Hong Kong.

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Does RHK assist student to find a job?

Our Centre of Professional Development (CPD) portal provides students with updated job vacancies and information of our industry partners.

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Is industrial attachment compulsory for all programmes?

It is a requirement for all students to be immersed in an industrial attachment.

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Does RHK assists student looking for industrial attachment?

Lecturers will provide industry partners and relevant background for students. However if they uninterested in the companies provided, students are encourage to personally look for their preferred company instead.

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Do I get paid during my attachment?

Remuneration solely depends on the company’s offer to students.

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Can I do my attachment in my home country?

We do not advise students to fly back to their home country as it would be better to get immersed in a new working environment and learn from a diverse working culture.

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When is the deadline to submit my admission documents?

It will be 2 months before every course commencement date.

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