College Overview

Set up in 2003, Raffles International College, Bangkok, has an area of 1,900 square metres and is located in Silom. The college, at the heart of downtown Bangkok, uses technology found in the fields of design and business to simulate real international working conditions. Combined with intensive design and business courses, many students at Raffles International College, Bangkok, have graduated to achieve success in their careers. The personalised learning environment at Raffles gives our students opportunities to develop close ties with schoolmates and lecturers for maximum character and professional growth.

Courses Advanced Diploma Bachelor's Degree
Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Multimedia Design
Banking & Finance
Events Management
Tourism & Hospitality Management

Admission Requirements

Advanced diploma programmes (2 years) would require the following:

  •  High school graduate certificate (completion of Year 12) or equivalent.
  • Grade 10 students from international high schools under Baccalaureate or O level curriculum, as well as students holding IGCSE or GED certificates could also be eligible for admissions (subject to transcript evaluation).

English Requirement

Applicants will be deemed to have satisfied the English Language requirements if they can provide evidence that they meet one of the following criteria:

  • TOEFL – minimum score of 500 (Paper-based) or 59-60 (Internet-based); or
  • IELTS – minimum score of 5.0; or
  • Pass the English Language Test from Raffles International College; or
  • Prior study in schools where English is the medium of instruction; or
  • International equivalent.

Applicants who do not meet the English language requirements are required to enrol in Raffles’ English Language Program (ELP) to improve their linguistic skills. Native English speakers are eligible for admission without submitting evidence of English language proficiency.

Documents Required

The following procedures must be completed at least TWO months before intake date.

  • Completed application form
  • Other documents mentioned in application form
  • Registration and Course Fees to be made upon admission, payable to “RAFFLES DESIGN INTERNATIONAL (THAILAND) LIMITED”
  • Bank transfer slip
  • Photocopy of transcripts and certificates (language and translated into English) (Name, Surname and Middle name must match passport particulars)
  • 12 x passport-sized (4×6 cm) photographs
  • Raffles International College Bangkok will issue a Letter of Acceptance and a Pre-Approval Letter from Thailand’s Ministry of Education
  • Updated Resume if applicant has working experience for more than one (1) year

Student Pass/Visa Approval

Applicant will only be able to apply for a Student Pass/visa after payment of the application fee and first payment upon admission. And applicant will have proceed to the Thailand Embassy in person, with the following documents:

  • Completed Visa Application Form (can be obtained from the Embassy).
  • Original & Photocopy of Passport or travel document with validity not less than six months.
  • A Certified Criminal Record Check (from the Criminal Record Bureau or police station).
  • Two 4x6cm full-faced 2 photos, bareheaded, formal-wear photographs taken within the past six months.
  • Letter to Thai embassy from Raffles International College, Bangkok and all other school documents.
  • Pre-approved letter from Ministry of Education in Thailand.
  • School documents of most current education.

Raffles Bangkok FAQ

Must I send my application in person?

You can send us your application form and documents via email. However, please ensure that all documents are clear.

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Can I still apply without any IELTS?

You can apply without IELTS, but you would still need to sit for an English Placement Test during your Orientation day.

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Is there any accommodation located in your campus?

We do not have any hostel service in campus however, we can recommend students a wide range of hostels, condominiums, mansions, and apartments conveniently located near Raffles Bangkok.

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How much is the accommodation cost in Bangkok

Usually about THB 7000 and above, depending on location.

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Can I look for a job in Bangkok after graduation?

You can apply for a job after graduation with the help of our Centre of Professional Development (CPD) and they will assist you by request.

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Do I get paid during the attachment?

Remuneration solely depends on the company’s offer to students.

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Do I get paid during the attachment?

Remuneration solely depends on the company’s offer to the students.

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Can I do my attachment in my home country?

You can freely decide if you would like to go back to your home country or you prefer to apply for an attachment anywhere else in the world however, this is subject to approval.

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Can I apply before I finish my high school?

If you are an international student, you cannot apply without submitting your High school certificate or its equivalent, since this is a mandatory requirement. However, if you are a local resident and over 16 years old, you are eligible to apply even before finishing high school. Simply submit your Grade 10 academic transcript, high school certificate or its equivalent.

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