Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Surabaya

College Overview

Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Surabaya, was established in 2012 in one of Surabaya’s busiest business districts. Private education at Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Surabaya has small class sizes so you can receive personalised advice from lecturers on how to improve your knowledge or professional techniques. As a higher education provider, Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Surabaya equips students with industry-relevant knowledge and skills to succeed in the international workforce. Students who have completed their two-year advanced diploma programme are encouraged to further their education at other colleges or universities within the Raffles network for a truly multi-cultural experience.

Courses Advanced Diploma Bachelor's Degree
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Digital Media Design
Visual Communication Design
Business Management
Tourism and Hospitality
Fashion Marketing

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age is 16 years old
  • Minimum completion of high school year 10 or its equivalents

English Requirements

All students are to meet either one of the following English requirements:

  • IELTS* – Minimum score of 5.5; OR
  • TOEFL* – Minimum score of 550 (Paper-Based) or 70 (Internet Based); OR
  • TOEIC*(Test of English for International Communication) – Score of 650; OR
  • GCE ‘O’ Level English- Minimum grade of C6 for English; OR
  • Minimum completion of IGCSE Year 10 or its equivalents; OR
  • 3 Years of High School studies conducted in English

*Test results are only valid within 2 years from the date the results are issued.

If students are unable to meet the requirements, they will be advised to take an English Placement Test (ESL) at Raffles Indonesia. Based on the test results, students will either be exempted from the English courses or enrolled into the English courses at Raffles Indonesia. Advanced levels of the English courses may be conducted simultaneously with the Advanced Diploma courses.

Inter-School Credit Transfer

After completion of the 2 year studies at Raffles Indonesia, graduate will be awarded the Advanced Diploma certificate by Raffles Singapore.

Unique to Raffles Institute, Advanced Diploma students are given the opportunity to opt for inter-school transfer of credits and completion of final year of Bachelor Degree studies at any of the following Raffles campuses overseas:

  • Raffles Singapore
  • Raffles Hong Kong
  • Raffles Guangzhou

With inter-school credit transfer, Raffles students gain international exposure by having opportunities to live and study at any of Raffles campuses, whether it is in the commercial centre of Hong Kong, or in the industrially thriving city of Guang Zhou, or in the economically booming city of Singapore.

Admission Procedures

  • Copy of Applicant’s Passport
  • Copy of parents’ passport (if not available, identity card is acceptable)
  • 5 pcs (hardcopy) coloured passport sized photos 4×6 cm (white background)
  • Copy of Birth certificate (in Original language and English Translated by sworn translator)
  • Copy of Family Card (in Original language and English Translated by sworn translator)
  • Copies of applicant’s latest 3 year educational transcripts and certificates (Original language and English Translated by sworn translater)
  • Copy of TOEFL / IELTS or IGCSE O’ Level result (if any)
  • Updated résumé if applicant has working experience of more than one (1) year
  • Application fee and course fee to be made payable to “PT. Raffles Design Institute
  • Applicant will enter into a Standard Student Contract upon admission

Additional Information

  • Tuition Fee does not include Student Pass/visa processing fee
  • Applicant must take sole responsibility for Student Pass/visa payment
  • The College will not be held responsible over payment of applicant’s Student Pass/visa
  • The College will issue a letter of sponsorship and any other supporting documents needed to process the Student Pass
  • The student’s visa cannot be used for any other purpose except for studying at Raffles Surabaya
  • Application fee and course fee paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable
  • The applicant is responsible for his/her own living cost and the college will not be held accountable