Raffles Creative Practitioner Got His Project Published in Cambodia’s Newspaper

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Cambodia – Raffles International College Cambodia’s Raffles Creative Practitioner of Interior Design, Ruben Castillero, was interviewed by Cambodia’s most prestigious newspaper “The Phnom Penh Post”, as he had earlier published a fascinating article about the architectural festival ‘Our City 2014’ in Cambodia.

The article was focused on an urban-architectural project that Ruben developed to solve traffic problems in the Cambodia’s capital city. This project was also taken into consideration by the city’s municipal authorities, which will be unveiled at “Our City 2015 Festival”.


The article outlined Ruben’s design for the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) that runs along the main avenues and through fares of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The central idea was based on the concept of designing a completely sustainable transportation alternative, such as a rapid transit system covering all Phnom Penh, which would be a significant improvement on the existing individual bus lines that are not integrated as a system and fail to take into consideration the full urban scale of the city. Ruben’s proposal, if adopted, would also be a cheaper alternative than a subway system based on train tracks and underground tunnels.


The drawings created for the Phnom Penh BRT system outlined an architectural project that covers the entire city through a network of lines and stations with the creation of a detailed map system. The research also included the design of a prototype station and analysed its impact within the city, which would minimise the areas occupied by using underground stations where current street sizes are limited and incorporates one platform with two exclusive lanes for buses running in opposite directions.

The design of the stations also incorporates the use of transparency (achieved via the use of extensive glass and openings) to reduce the negative impact of visual obstructions which structures of this kind can generate. Furthermore the project explores the inclusion of landscape architecture to beautify the urban design of the city and in addition integrates sustainability factors (including reflecting pools and green areas in the roof of the stations similar to small urban parks).

Accessibility for persons with mobility problems has also been considered. Ruben’s concept makes for a fresh and interesting architectural proposal encompassing vibrant contemporary design suitable for a fast-developing capital city.

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