Raffles Academy Of Continuing Education (RACE)

Established in 2012, Raffles Academy of Continuing Education strives to provide quality learning for adult learners who aspire to upgrade their existing skill sets and expand their horizons of knowledge.

Our faculty consists of trainers who are industry experts with a keen understanding of their various disciplines. Classes bear an emphasis on practicality so that participants can maximise their learning experience as they embark on their journey with Raffles Academy of Continuing Education.

Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore

Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore (RCHE Singapore) is located at Singapore’s historical riverside quay famed for its shop houses, warehouses and night life scene. Our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technological applications to enhance student’s overall learning experience. Most of our students are from China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, United States and others. Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore was awarded the EduTrust certification for four years by the Council for Private Education (CPE). There are five schools in RCHE Singapore: Raffles Design Institute, Raffles Merchandising Institute, Raffles School of Business, Raffles School of Psychology and Raffles Academy of Continuing Education.

Courses Professional Diploma
Landscape Design

*Certificate courses are not applicable for International Students.

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements for 1 year Professional Diploma in Landscape Design

  •  Advanced Diploma in relevant design field
  • Or 2 years of relevant working experience in design field
  • Candidates must have good knowledge in Photoshop, Sketch-up, & 3D Studio Max

English Requirements for Professional Diploma

  • IELTS 5.5 (IELTS and TOEFL test results are only valid within 2 years from the date the results are issued)
  • Or GCE ‘O’ Level English with minimum grade of C6 in English
  • Or other equivalents (which will be assessed by Raffles Admission Committee on case by case basis)
  • Students, who do not meet any of the English requirements, are required to take an English as a Second Language Placement Test at Raffles Singapore, on the orientation day. Based on the test results, a student will either be exempted from the English courses or enrolled into either 3 months Foundation English, and/or 3 months Advanced English courses at Raffles Singapore

Raffles Singapore FAQ

Can I apply even before I have completed high school?

You can apply before High School as long as you have completed Year 10.

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Do I have to submit my application personally?

You can submit the soft copy of your application documents through email to first. Subsequently, during orientation day, you can bring the original copy of your documents to be verified by our Admissions department.

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Do I need to submit my portfolio to apply for the design programmes?

No portfolio submission is required to apply for our degree programmes, unless you are considering applying directly for final year or if you are seeking for credit transfer.

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When should I make payment for my tuition fees?

You can make your payment after signing the student contract; alternatively, you can also pay before each term starts.

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Do I have to pay for any extra fees in addition to the tuition fee?

Aside from the tuition fee, you will have to cover your own Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) which will protect your own course fee paid throughout study at Raffles College of Higher Education under Lonpac Insurance Bhd. Lastly, you will have to pay for your Hospitalisation & Surgical and Personal Accident Fee (HS&PA) which will cover all International students under AXA Insurance.

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How many intakes are there per year?

We offer 4 intakes in each year in January, April, July and October.

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When can I start applying and when is the deadline for application? How do I apply for admission?

You can apply anytime before our intake application deadline which will be closed a month before the second week of each month. You can also download our application forms here.

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Can I still apply without any IELTS?

You can apply without IELTS but we will still have to arrange an English placement test held in our campus to assess your English proficiency.

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Can I apply without any basic drawing skills?

You can apply without any prior skills and background in drawing. Our course modules include the basics of drawing so don’t worry!

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Can I still to apply even if I am unable to meet the entry requirements provided?

You can still try to submit your academic certificate and results to us and we will send them to our Admission board for evaluation.

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Is there any accommodation within the campus?

We do not have a hostel located at our campus; however we are able to assist you to look for a suitable accommodation.

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Will I be required to pay a security deposit for my accommodation?

Yes, accommodation services will require a security deposit to confirm your booking. Usually, the maximum deposit will be equivalent to one month’s rent and will be refundable at the end of your contract.

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How much is the accommodation cost in Singapore?

Accommodation would cost about S$400 – S$1500 per month depending on the location and facilities offered.

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How much would I need to prepare for my daily expenses?

Food would be about S$325 – S$500 per month while transportation and other necessities would cost about S$100 – S$300 per month depending on your lifestyle.

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Can I get a part-time job while studying in Singapore?

Students are not allowed to engage in any work activity while studying in Singapore. The Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) reserves the right to terminate and withdraw any Student’s Pass upon misconduct.

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Will the college assist me in looking for a job in Singapore after graduation?

Our Centre of Professional Development (CPD) will assist students to locate for available positions with our industry partners. CPD will provide a seamless interface between students and the industries at all levels of studies. Graduates can expect top exposure for advertised positions and wider geographical reach and access to various specialized prospects.

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Do I get paid during my industrial attachment?

Remuneration solely depends on the company’s offer to students.

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When will I have to begin my industrial attachment?

Usually, students will have to embark on their industrial attachment during the last 3 months of their Advanced Diploma.

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Will I be expecting local lecturers?

Currently, we have a healthy mix of local and international lecturers from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Russia, the United Kingdom and United States.

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Are course material fees included in the tuition fee?

Course materials are separate from the tuition fee. Students would have to pay for required textbooks and additional materials.

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Can I arrange a tour of the campus?

Sure! You can contact our Education Consultant here to schedule your campus tour.

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How many students are there in each class?

Usually, we try to ensure that we only have 15 students in one class.

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Will there be any exams?

Exams would largely depend on the modules you will be taking. Most of our design modules will require students to submit portfolios instead of sitting for exams in the later part of the course duration.

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Do you offer student scholarship?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships.

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