Psychology Course

Course Overview

Our Psychology Course focuses on the application of psychological theories on clients or their projects. At the Applied Psychology advanced diploma stage, students will learn about the various fields of psychology including how to conduct professional research to support observations. Upon completion of our Psychology Course, students will obtain a Psychology bachelor’s degree awarded by  University of Chester, UK.

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Psychology Course

Diploma in Applied Psychology

6 months (Full-time)

January, April, July and October
Advanced Diploma in Applied Psychology

12 months (Full-time)

January, April, July and October

Diploma Course Modules 

Academic Research & Communication Skills
Behavioral Statistics
Introduction To Psychology 1
Introduction To Psychology 2
Psychology Of Learning
Psychology Of Motivation & Emotion

Advanced Diploma Course Modules 

Abnormal Psychology
Addictions & Interventions
Cognitive Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Family Dynamics
Introduction to Counseling Theories & Psychology
Personality & Individual Differences
Research Methods
Social Psychology

Clinical Psychologist
School Psychologist
Industrial-Organisational Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Social Psychologist
Research/Experimental Psychologist

Lecturer/Teacher/Training Officer
Forensic Psychologist
Health Psychologist
Mental Health Practitioner
Human Resources and Recruitment Practitioner