Product Design Course


Course Overview

Our Product Design Course will build both your technical and theory skills to execute product and industrial design. The Advanced Diploma course will equip students with the fundamentals of materials, designing, and building techniques. These are the essentials for students who are interested in designing furniture, simple electrical products, packaging, and other physical objects. And our Bachelor’s Degree course will provide students with deeper theoretical knowledge to complement technical skills. Upon completion, our Product Design Course graduates will obtain a versatile Product Design portfolio and a Bachelor’s Degree.

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9 months Diploma & 15 months Advanced Diploma
Available at Raffles College in : Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia

28 months Diploma & 27 months Advanced Diploma
Available at Raffles campus in : Malaysia

January, April, July, October

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Product Design
(Top Up)
Awarded by Coventry University, UK

Available at
Raffles College campus in Singapore

January, April, July, October

1 Year (Full-time)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Product Design
Awarded by Northumbria University, UK

Available at
Raffles College campus in Thailand

January, July

1 year (Full-time)

Master in Product Design
Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

Available at
Raffles College campus in Italy


10 Months (Full-time)


In Product Design
Colour Analysis in 3D Design
Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD)
Cultural Studies
Design Drafting – Technical Drawing
Design Theory
Digital Presentation
Human Factors
Model Making
Observational Drawing Skills
Studio Practice I: Sustainable Product Design
Studio Practice II: Lighting Design


Advanced Diploma
In Product Design
3D Conceptualization
3D Manipulation (3D Studio Max)
Academic Research and Communication Skills
Computer Rendering (Rhinoceros)
Design Management
Design Rendering
Industrial Attachment
Major Design Project – Product Design
Manufacturing Technology
Retail Visual Merchandising
Solid Modeling – Rapid Prototyping
Studio Practice III: Furniture Design – Recycling
Studio Practice IV: Electrical Product Design
Studio Practice V: Modular Design Systems
Studio Practice VI: Packaging Design



Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Coventry University, UK

Design Enquiry
Product Design BA Final Major Project
Professional ID Studies 3


Advanced English: Academic Essay Writing
Design Promotion
Enhancing Reflective Study Skills Across Cultural Boundaries
Global Experience in Art and Design
How to set up a Freelance Business

* Choose any 1 of the elective modules



Master Of Arts In
Design Management
Awarded by Coventry University

  • Design Innovation and
  • Interior Design  Specialism
  • Final Major Project




Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Northumbria University, UK

Contemporary Influences Dissertation Presentation
Design Report
Graduate Enterprise
Industrial Design Major Project
Industrial Design Practice Competition
Industrial Design Practice Exploration Project
Presentation and Validation
Research and Critical Justification






Master Degree in Product Design
Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

  • Development of new materials and surfaces
  • Development of new aesthetics and graphics
  • New products and new models of distribution
  • New product frontiers: nomad products
  • New production frontiers: the metamorphosis of 3D printing


Product Designer
Furniture Designer
Toy Designer
Lighting Designer
Environmental/Spatial Designer
Design Consultant
Model Maker for Commercial Studios
Design Educationalist
3D Rendering Designer