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SINGAPORE – Filled with unique charm and ambience, the grand old CHIJMES Hall may function as a wedding venue on a typical day. But 9 March 2016 saw the hall transforming into an exquisite runway for a bridal and evening wear fashion showcase. Entitled ‘Nouvelle Vie’, the event was organised by Raffles Singapore’s Fashion Marketers as pat of their Fashion Coordination and Promotion module. With its enviable high ceilings and detailed stained glass windows, the hall served as the perfect backdrop for a showcase that featured astonishing and captivating collections from notable brands, such as Rebecca Caroline, Leslie Yong and JessicaCindy. Interestingly, these namesake fashion brands are established by Raffles Fashion Designers who, similar to their fellow alumni in the previous year, have agreed to feature their collections for this batch of Raffles Fashion Marketers.

During the course of the event, the guests were introduced to the design process and making of wedding gowns, accompanied by inspirations and design philosophies of each brand. Taking centre stage for the first segment was “Bejewel”, a collection by Rebecca Caroline. “Bejewel is a collection that entails the use of intricate detailing and appliqué in our gowns, epitomising our style of sophistication and luxury”, said Raffles Fashion Designer Caroline TAN. Being their first bridal fashion show, Caroline commented, “Raffles Fashion Marketers are very professional and very helpful to us during the preparation of the show till the end.”


The following was a collection by Leslie Yong, a label by Raffles Fashion Designer Leslie YONG. Being the only evening wear for the night, his collection mesmerised the audience with its astonishing pieces. One of the guests commented, “I like Leslie Yong’s collection, especially the finale that featured the transformation of the dress, which was really innovative and interesting.”


Lastly, the show ended with a bridal collection by Raffles Designer Jessica Cindy. Making her bridal fashion show debut in Singapore, she was grateful for the invitation by Raffles Fashion Marketers. “I am very honoured to be invited by Raffles Singapore to present the show and the team here are really good and helpful”, commented Jessica Cindy, who also sent out a message to the students. “To all the students, never give up on your dreams, just do it with courage!”