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MALAYSIA – At Raffles, moments and dreams are realised when hard work and sincere efforts are turned into reality. Such is the case for Raffles Iskandar students Ang Yan Bin and Reis Han as they recently put up an exhibition to showcase their artworks and publications to the public space. Here are the excerpts of selected works from the Graphic Design third year students:

Local + Identity:

Local + Identity is the concept for Ang Yan Bin’s periodical which explores the identities of towns in Johor, the southernmost state of Malaysia. The publication serves as a travel guide for those who are interested in learning about the hidden treasures of these small towns, especially from the perspectives of the locals who reside there.


Animal Parody:

Animal Parody is a series of illustrations created by Reis Han. The illustrations tell a story about a person who is treated differently because of his appearance. This affects his ability to form a connection with the people around him because they tend to judge him for being different. The artist drew his characters with animal masks to represent the notion that people wear masks to hide their true selves in order to fit in with society.