RAS Curriculum provides a strong foundation in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Art, Music, World Language and Physical Education are valued subject areas for students to explore their inner self and learn multiple methods of expression while demonstrating the RAS Learner Outcomes.

About Pre-K

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are designed to facilitate learning through discovery. Students have the opportunity to play and explore the environment provided within the classroom and campus environs. Literacy and numeracy concepts are developed within each student in a stress-free environment. Students proceed with their learning within their individual interests and pace. There are no reading level exit requirements to Grade 1.

– Engagement
– Creativity and Imagination
– Curiosity and Initiative
– Persistence

– Physical Development
– Physical Fitness
– Health and Well Being
– Health and Safety

– Self Concept and Self Awareness
– Self Regulation
– Relationship with Others
– Accountability
– Adaptability

– Approaches to Communication
– English Language Arts and Literacy

– Mathematics
– Science
– Technology
– Social Studies
– The Arts