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SAUDI ARABIA – The pursuit of elegance and beauty is a time-honoured tradition, one fuelled even further in this day and age by tremendous growth of new media, in particular the various digital platforms featuring instantaneous sharing of content and trends such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

One such field which has seen an explosion of interest here in recent times, has been that of jewellery and jewellery design, although subject-matter-expertise and specialisation in the field had previously been rather lacking.

That’s an area of focus we intend to change here at the Raffles Design Institute (Riyadh), with six top-notch Higher Diploma courses available across several specialised design disciplines, including that of jewellery design.

“Through our academic programmes, we seek to provide the technical and vocational skill-sets required to succeed at a professional level in their chosen fields, fields which had a clear lack of higher education options previously,” said Ms Hala HALAWANI, Director, Raffles Design Institute (Riyadh).

Through the rigorous two-year course, Raffles Designers will garner significant exposure to a wide array of design skills utilising the materials, methods and application skills used in the 2D and 3D jewellery design field, while also discovering the wider creative world through access to the different fields of art history and theories of design, alongside the latest trends across the industry.

With a storied heritage of over 20 years since its foundation in Singapore in 1990, Raffles Riyadh now joins 29 other colleges across the region in providing not just a top-notch, internationally recognised design education, but also access to industry networks and the platforms of exposure required to successfully break into the uber-competitive markets.

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