Interior Design Course

Course Overview

Our Interior Design Course is equipped with modules that refine skills with 2D and 3D techniques, developing professional skills in interior design. At Raffles, Interior Design Course modules and college activities are not limited within the walls. Field trips and exhibition visits are also organized for students to explore successful interior design works and modern architecture. As an interior designer, students will learn how to create a suitable environment for homes, offices, classrooms, libraries, boutiques and others. Our Interior Design Course will prepare you to use AutoCAD software and create scaled models with workshop machinery.

Read the information below to find out more about our Interior Design Course.

9 months Diploma & 15 months Advanced Diploma
Available at Raffles Campuses in : Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia

28 months Diploma & 27 months Advanced Diploma 
Available at Raffles campuses in : Malaysia

January, April, July, October

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Interior Design
(Top Up)
Awarded by Coventry University, UK

Available at
Available at Raffles campus in Singapore

January, April, July, October

1 Year (Full-time)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interior Design
Awarded by Northumbria University, UK

Available at
Available at Raffles campus in Thailand

January, July

1 year (Full-time)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design
Awarded by University Of Derby, UK

Available at
Raffles Academy campuses in
Beijing, Guang zhou, Shanghai and
Raffles International College in Hong Kong

April, October

9 Months (Full-time)


Diploma In
Interior Design
2D Computer Aided Drawing
Architectural Drafting
Computer Graphic Skills
Creativity & Concept Development
Cultural Studies
Design Studio 1 – Residential
Freehand Drawing
Interior Color Application
Interior Design, Principles & Theory
Interior Materials & Finishes
Presentation Drawing 1
Presentation Drawing 2





Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Coventry University, UK

Design Enquiry
Interior Design BA Final Major Project
Professional ID Studies 3

Advanced English: Academic Essay Writing
Design Promotion
Enhancing Reflective Study Skills Across Cultural Boundaries
Global Experience in Art and Design
How to set up a Freelance Business

Master Of Arts In
Design Management
Awarded by Coventry University

  • Design  Innovation & Collaboration
  • Interior Design Specialism
  • Final Major Project


Advanced Diploma
In Digital Media Design
3D Computer Aidede Drawing
Academic Research &
Communication skills
Budget Costing  & Documentation
Building Tech & Construction
Computer Rendering & Animation
Construction Studies 1 & 2
Design Studio 2 – Retail
Design Studio 3 – Office
Design Studio 4 – Hospitality
Environmental Ligting
Furniture History & Application
Industrial Attachement
Presentation Drawing 2
Professional Practice



Bachelor Of Arts(Honours)
Northumbria University, UK
Advanced Interior Design Practice
through Development
Advanced Interior Design Practice to
Commercial Interior Design Practice
Design Proposition
Interior Design Professional Practice























Bachelor Of Arts (Honours)
University Of Derby, UK
Your voice: Your context
Design: Investigation & Identity
Visual Culture: Extended Essay
The project : The solution
Vision: Impact & Scope
Specialist Practice in Graphic Design 








Facility Manager
Commercial Interior Designer
Institutional Interior Designer
Residential Interior Designer
Exhibition Designer
Furniture Designer
Design Consultant
Design Educator
CAD Designer