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India – Ever since graduating from Raffles Design International, Jannat Vasi’s stock has been on the rise, especially after having her work featured on four separate occasions. The Raffles Interior Design alumnus has recently been involved with major projects in Mumbai and such projects inculcate challenges to push herself against one boundary after another. One of the projects, a 250 square feet bedroom that is located in Bandra, Mumbai, got her to draw inspiration from the client’s personality to create an edgy and angular interior space. Using angular facets from the principles of origami, the corner walls and ceiling were enveloped in oak veneer paneling. To compliment its design, patterned and textured soft furnishings from Bandit Queen was adorned onto the bed and Wicanders acoustic cork planks were used for the flooring.

Another project was a collaborative effort with fellow interior designer Rohit Bhoite and it involves takeaway restaurant located in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. As the client wanted a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that promotes appropriate brand visibility, the designers sat down the client to craft a story that depicts the journey of two mascots, “Silli” and “Chilli” who brought the wok concept from China to India. The interior walls are adorned by graphics illustrating the mascot’s journey and the highlight reel is the geometric water jet-cut custom matt grey and glossy white tiled flooring that create different responses via texture, colour and light refraction. This innovative element added freshness to the restaurant and it is accompanied by high and low seating single benches and chopstick-inspired stools that promote community dining.

With such practical exposures as she continues to craft her works in the utmost awe-inspiring manner, Jannat is indeed on her way to success and glory. Here are some prestigious publications that her works were featured in:

• AD (Architectural Digest) – Jan Feb 2015 & May June 2015
• Architecture Update – Feb 2015
• Tiles of India – Jan Feb 2015

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