Fashion Design Course

Course Overview

Our Fashion Design Course will teach students how to work with textiles, clothing design, and other hands-on skills as well as fashion theory. Students will learn how to select appropriate fabrics, acquire Gerber Technology knowledge to design dress patterns, and learn about different machine stitches such as straight stitches for seaming and zigzag stitches for button holes. Our Fashion design Course is also designed with timely assessments to equip each student to build an impressive fashion design portfolio for future employers and clients.

Eager to start your fashion design career? Apply for our Fashion Design Course and graduate with an Advanced Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in three years.

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    9 months Diploma & 15 months Advanced Diploma
    Available at Raffles Campuses in : Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia

    28 months Diploma & 27 months Advanced Diploma 
    Available at Raffles campuses in : Malaysia

    January, April, July, October
    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fashion (Top Up)
    Awarded by Coventry University, UK

    Available at
    Raffles College campus in Singapore

    January, April, July, October

    1 year (Full-time)

    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design
    Awarded by Northumbria University, UK

    Available at
    Raffles campus in Bangkok

    January, July

    1 year (Full-time)

    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design
    Awarded by University Of Derby, UK

    Available at
    Raffles Academy campuses in
    Beijing, Guang zhou, Shanghai and
    Raffles International College in Hong Kong

    April, October

    9 Months (Full-time)

    Master in Fashion Menswear
    Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

    Master in Fashion Womenswear
    Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

    Available at
    Raffles campus in Italy


    10 Months (Full-time)


    In Fashion Design
    Advanced Sewing Techniques
    CAD 1 for Fashion Design
    Color Theory & Design Principles
    Fashion Draping 1,2,and 3
    Fashion Drawing
    Fashion Sketching & Illustration
    Fibers & Textiles
    History of costume 1 & 2
    Marketing Foundation
    Pattern Drafting 1,2 and 3
    Sewing Application 1 & 2





    Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
    Coventry University, UK

    Fashion Major Project
    Negotiated Fashion Studies
    Professional Practice

    Advanced English: Academic Essay Writing
    Design Promotion
    Enhancing Reflective Study Skills Across Cultural Boundaries
    Global Experience in Art and Design
    How to set up a Freelance Business

    Master Of Arts In
    Design Management
    Awarded by Coventry University

    • Design  Innovation & Collaboration
    • Design Management Specialism
    • Final Major Project


    Advanced Diploma
    In Fashion Design
    20th century styles and trends
    Academic Research and 
    communication skills
    CAD 2  – Digital Portfolio
    Couture Techniques
    Design Research % Development
    Developing Fashion
    Developing  Textiles
    Industrial Attachment
    Introduction to Brand Management
    Menswear workshop
    Mini Collection Workshop
    Pattern Aided Design, Grading, costing
    Project Workshop
    Technical Drawings



    Bachelor Of Arts(Honours)
    Northumbria University, UK
    Design  Report
    Fashion Portfolio
    Final Collection Stage B – Production







    Master Degree in Menswear
    Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e
    Design Milano, Italy

    Mood Board creation
    Research collection development
    fabric merchandise
    Art Direction















    Bachelor Of Arts (Honours)
    University Of Derby, UK
    Negotiated Study in Fashion
    Independent Study In Fashion
    Contextual Studies 3







    Master Degree in Womenswear
    Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e
    Design Milano, Italy

    Formulating the collection’s concept
    Studying materials
    Tradition and state-of-the-art tech
    Experimenting with materials
    Analyzing product characterstics
    Art direction
    Presentation and runway show
    New product communication

    Fashion Entrepreneur
    Design Director
    Fashion Designer
    Fashion Consultant
    Fashion Forecaster
    Fashion Merchandiser / Buyer
    Fashion Stylist

    Fashion Illustrator
    Fashion Photographer
    Pattern Designer / Maker
    Textile Fabric Colorist
    Technical Designer
    CAD Designer