Can I do my attachment in my home country?

We do not advise students to fly back to their home country as it would be better to get immersed in a new working environment and learn from a diverse working culture.

Can I look for a job in Hong Kong after graduation?

After you completed your undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, you may consider to apply for “extension of stay” in Hong Kong without other conditions for another 12 months. You are free to take up and change employment during your permitted stay without the need to seek prior approval from the Director of Immigration. You may start your career and develop … Read More

Cost of living

Approximately HK$12,200 up per month Accommodation: HK$7000 – 10,000  Transportation: HK $ 750 – 1500 Dining: HK$3000 – 5300 Phone Bill: HK150 – 400 Personal Expenses: HK$ 1300 – 2500