What are the majors you offer?

We offer a total of 6 majors, including four specialties in design and two commercial majors. Our design specialties are, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Multimedia Design. While the two remaining commercial majors are Fashion Marketing and Business Administration.

How long is each degree course?

Our degree courses will take three years for completion. Each academic year academic year consists of four terms with 12 study weeks and a 1 week holiday break in between terms.

Can I still apply even though I am weak in English?

We provide teaching assistant translation for the first half year of our programme to help students better understand and assimilate into the learning environment. Since all our classes are in English, we advise potential students to sign up for our Intensive English Program. You can ascertain your level for the Intensive English Program by sitting for our English Placement test … Read More

Is there any accommodation within then campus?

Students will have to arrange their own accommodation, but we could introduce real estate agents or agencies to students upon request. Accommodation will cost around RMB¥2500 – ¥3000 per month.