Experiencing Cultural Exchange Between Raffles Singapore and Bunka Fashion College in Japan

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Singapore – Raffles Fashion Designers from Raffles Singapore namely Daniella Grace Krestianto and Zhong Haowen who graduated in December 2014 were winners of the 4th JCC Sustainable Fashion Design Contest. Their triumph entitled them an opportunity to experience cultural exchange with fashion designers from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan.

From 29 October to 3 November 2014, both of them went on a campus tour at Bunka Fashion College where they explored various advanced facilities used by Japanese Fashion Designers. Bunka Fashion College comprises of a comprehensive resource centre with over 8,000 fabric samples, archives of past fashion shows around the world, advanced technological equipment and many more. They also visited Shima Seiki, a company that specialises in computerised knitting methods, and were introduced to the Wholegarment production technique to understand the differences between Wholegarment and manual knitting methods.

Daniella and Haowen also attended four different fashion shows organised by Bunka Fashion College and Bunka Gakuen University. As part of Bunka’s Open Day, they were given a sneak peek into the works of Fashion Design students from Bunka Fashion College, Bunka Gakuen University and Bunka Fashion Graduate University. At Bunka, students not only learned about creating garments, they also learned to create accessories such as jewellery, shoes, bags and hats to go along with the garments.

Daniella shared, “This trip was very beneficial as I can broaden my knowledge in understanding the cultures and unique styles of different countries. From the four fashion shows that I have attended, I observed that the fashion styles in Japan are more extravagant and costume-like instead of street wear or ready-to-wear apparel. On top of that, they experiment a lot with colours, vibrant prints and patterns, unlike what we have in Singapore.”

Haowen said, “This Bunka study trip has been pleasant and fruitful as I have discovered their wide array of unique tailoring skills, and learned the vast differences in the fashion styles between Japan and Singapore.”

It was indeed an eye-opening experience for Raffles Fashion Designers as they were exposed to the Japanese culture and its fashion industry and acquired knowledge beyond Singapore’s context.