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SINGAPORE – From fashion accessories and apparels to lifestyle products, the Fashion Pop Up Bazaar organised by Raffles Fashion Marketers enlivened Raffles Concierge on 4 December 2015 from 10am to 6pm.

As part of the Global Supply Chain Management (Fashion Buying) subject, Raffles Fashion Marketers were tasked with curating a range of products targeted at people aged 18 to 25 years old. Using the skills developed in Buying Principles subject, they must source for the correct merchandise for this specific target market. They went on a merchandise sourcing and buying trip to Hongkong in October to procure merchandise needed for setting up their stores and selling to customers.

Through this event, they have learned the entire process from procuring merchandise across different countries like Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Hong Kong, to setting up their stores using props and visual merchandising techniques, to marketing and positioning their brands, and eventually selling their products to the customers.

Raffles Fashion Marketers were exposed to roles of fashion buyer, merchandiser, brand manager and visual merchandiser and had a taste of what the industry entails. It provides them with real life experience in merchandising and marketing, learning how to earn profits or at least break even if they dream of becoming fashion entrepreneurs or brand owners in the future.