Empowering Saudi Women

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Saudi Arabia – Local women can now learn the latest skills in fashion design in the kingdom instead of going abroad leaving their loved ones behind, a Saudi women entrepreneur said.

“Future designers have the opportunity to discover, shape, attain, transfer and apply knowledge to become the best design creators in any of the following majors: Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Visual Communication (Graphic Design), Fashion Marketing and Merchandising,” Hala Halawani, Director of Raffles Design Institute in Riyadh.

This global education experience has been brought to the Middle East starting in Riyadh, she said. “The Raffles Riyadh is cooperating with the Singapore-based Raffles Education Corporation Limited (RafflesEducationCorp) in an exciting joint venture,” Halawani said.

“The RafflesEducationCorp is internationally recognised for being the No. 1 design specialised undergraduate and graduate school in the Asia-Pacific region since 1990 with over 20,000 graduates and current application,” Halawani said adding that the new center in Riyadh will allow applicants to benefit from the specialised training without having to leave the country or their loved ones.

Raffles Riyadh is committed to promoting design as an industry and designers as creative artists who seek their passion and aspire to excellence, hence the Raffles Riyadh initiative, Halawani said, stressing its motto ‘Evolving to Excel, Inspire to Empower.’

Empowerment of woman, Halawani said is a cause that Raffles Riyadh takes seriously by providing female applicants with the required knowledge and skills to become entrepreneurs and professional players in the design world through its diverse certificate options.

There is a lot of flexibility and choice where applicants can choose between acquiring an associate bachelor degree between Riyadh and any Raffles international college, a high school diploma programme, diploma programme, or a short diploma in the fundamentals of design.

“The full time study of 13 weeks and incorporated international modules along with the inspiring and horizon broadening environment reflects the attained results of delivering a well-rounded student with unique exposure to the global design movement and culture” Halawani said.

The Raffles Riyadh campus is impressively designed with large spacious classrooms infused with natural light; the walls are decorated with beautiful artwork and inspiring quotes from famous thinkers which make the stroll a pleasant journey to a new dimension of creativity and imagination.

“With the beginning of its new semester, Raffles Riyadh promises the Riyadh community a new wave of talent manufacturing contributing to the overall refinement in design culture where all applicants will pour their talents into its vision of being the ‘Saudi Design Hub”, Halawani said.

She said that programmes are also checked out in coordination with the Technical Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). She hoped that those who pass out from this institute would readily find jobs in the market since fashion designing is a vogue at the moment. She also pointed out that Harvey Nichols have already consented to take some of the successful candidates from the institute for employment in their outlets and offer the best five with a scholarship to continue their education abroad.

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