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India – Raffles Bangalore’s Product Design lab swung into action when the students were assigned a small but challenging project of two weeks. The module categorised under Design Drafting & Rendering needed students to display their creativity and come up with content for a wall art which follows an art movement.

Once the art was completed in digital form, the students had to project it on the wall. For some, this was a challenge as the corridor wall assigned as the canvas, fell short of space. The process being an intricate one, the students had to think out of the box to work around the practical limitations and come up with a solution.

Appreciating the students work, Product Design Creative Practitioner Samarth said, “The aspiring students conceptualised every small detail on their own! True to any Art and Design student. They were self-motivated and self-reliant.”

The wall art project was done by 1st year Raffles Designers Rahana, Puloma and Shobhith. The theme they chose was diverse and showed versatile emotions, taking the form of art to a different level.


Student Name: Rahana
Art Movement: Lyrical Abstraction.
Art Name: Lyrical Abstraction

Rahana’s Interpretation – “My frustration comes out in the form of a song- with a rather disturbing timbre. I have juxtaposed the art movement of “Lyrical Abstraction” with the concept of Women empowerment. My art work mirrors a woman’s frustration arising due to her strong desire to be liberated and be free from oppression.”


Student Name: Puloma
Art Movement: Abstract Illusionism
Art name: Deception

Puloma’s Interpretation – “Your innocence is lost when you realise your perception and adulthood was just an illusion and all you can blame is your mind. Adulthood seems like a fantasy when we’re younger, cant wait to grow, But reality kicks in, and things are not what we thought it would be. My wall art follows abstractness at its core and illusionism at its apex.”


Student Name: Shobith
Art Movement: Tribute Art
Art Name: Reston

Shobhith’s Interpretation – “Paul Walker was not only an actor he was an inspiration, An inspiration which could take anyone miles. Those miles which led him to his ultimatum. My handmade ‘Larger than Life’ scale wall art spans around 22 feet by 7 feet. The direct message of this art would remain – “You were, You are, You will be.”

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