Embroidering With Fashion

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India – An embroidery workshop that was recently conducted in Raffles Mumbai by highly respected embroiderer Elisabeth Roulleau saw 6 of our own students learning from the best in the industry. Such outing is one that has seen Elisabeth providing students worldwide the opportunity to discover her world of Haute Couture Embroidery. Her collection spans from works amongst renowned brands like Chanel, Hermes and Dior, which she considers it to be her proudest achievements.

During the workshop, students were exposed to techniques like ribbon and traditional embroidery that involves chain stitch, running stitch and cross stitch, among others. Not only did they accquired the skill to create beautiful pieces of embroidery, the students were also taught about the discipline that goes into the creation of one. This was done hand in hand with the explanation of Haute Couture by Elisabeth, as both would require to be constructed by hand from start to finish. This has not only helped the students to be more skilful, but also the art of discipling oneself to be focused and dedicated in the process of embroidery.


This experience will be something that students will recall and indeed it is an honour to have someone of such amazing calibre found in Elisabeth to provide her expertise to the students in Raffles Mumbai!

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