Double Victory at MIJF

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Malaysia – Raffles Jewellery Designer Wong Pin Wei was recently the star of the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (MIJF) as she bragged the “Best Necklace” and “Best In Show” awards.

The MIJF is the largest fine jewellery competition in Asia where 13 countries and 300 applicants are represented. “When it comes to sexiness, the first thing that came to my mind was the solid curvature of a body figure and it leads me to using curves as the main design element in this necklace.” Pin Wei said. “Golden pearls and black diamonds as these two (pearls & stones) were used to create a good contrast, while the crispness of black diamonds will harmonize by the elegance and softness of the pearl. The piercings serves to reveal some part of the wearer’s skin and make the piece less heavy. The color of gold and black also represents a grand and elegant ‘sexy’.”


Over in Raffles, we congratulate Pin Wei on the double victory!

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