Disassemble, Assemble

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India – In modern world, technology advances rapidly and whatever that is of the past becomes obsolete in due time. Even as we move on to newer technologies, the earlier mediums still hold certain value and such is the recent case for the typewriter machine.

Dubbed as the world’s last batch of manual typewriters, these machines were transformed into a 13-foot-tall sculpture by Oakland-based sculptor and illustrator Jeremy Mayer into an installation for Godrej and Boyce, the last company to make manual typewriters. Assisting him was Raffles Mumbai alumni Janak Chudasama and the installation was unveiled on 12 August 2015.

In an interview with Mid-day, the Product Designer mentioned, “It was a brand new experience for me. To understand the innards of a typewriter has helped me to learn about how shape and structure impact product design. A typewriter has more than 1,000 parts and turning them into an installation was truly amazing and an experience of a lifetime.”


We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Janak, wishing him all best of luck in the near future!

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