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Raffles Colombo, the premier Design Education provider in Sri Lanka and Asia, recently collaborated with Mr. Ajai Vir SINGH, the founder and pioneering force behind the highly successful CFW (Colombo Fashion Week), to enable students to develop “Real World” knowledge and skills in the ever changing world of Fashion Design.

Organizing the “Colombo Fashion Week” day gave Raffles Fashion Designers and Fashion Marketers the opportunity to listen to and interact with the esteemed panel, including Mr. Singh, his entire team, and Guest Designer Ms. Darshi Keerthisena DE LIVERA, the talented creative force behind the successful “Buddhi Batiks” label.

Raffles students were captivated by the information provided, including the criteria required to apply for the “Emerging Designer” program, the requirements from the perspective of Design DNA, the ability to translate ideas and innovations into marketable and saleable collections, and the importance of being commercially viable.

CFW, through the “Emerging Designer” program, has seen many Raffles graduates participate successfully in the past. Ms. Shanika SAMARAKKODY, who won a special award from the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce for her graduation “Debut” collection, has been a CFW regular highlighting her penchant for menswear. After garnering much attention at the “Emerging Designer” shows, Shanika is now a CFW “Main Stage” designer showcasing her “Agent” brand menswear to much critical and commercial success. Ms. Thilini PERERA also showcased her successful sustainability-driven collection at CFW, and has been a successful brand on the fashion scene. Currently she is a part-time Creative Practitioner at Raffles Colombo conducting Certificate Courses.

The successful CFW Day concluded with a Q&A session where Raffles students were able to get individualized additional information they needed in preparation for participation. This is an event that takes place on campus before all the CFW shows, and has been a constant source of inspiration for the design talents produced by Raffles Colombo.