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Sri Lanka – Over the past 25 years, Raffles has constantly been on the track for establishing partnerships and collaborations with renowned industry partners and this effort continues to advance with The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL).

As a leading driver of free enterprises and entrepreneurship, FCCISL was founded in 1973 and has incorporated members from all parts of Sri Lanka, becoming the largest representative business organisation in the country that consistently promotes competitive business enterprise. It promotes ethics-based business operations and provides a wide range of support services for growing companies including advisory, consultative, promotional, information sharing and representation at home and overseas.

In recognition of its partnership with Raffles Colombo, FCCISL has conceived a special award for a budding entrepreneur from the recent group of degree graduates. Graduating with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Fashion Design, Raffles Fashion Designer Shanika Dhanushki Samarakkody was presented with the prestigious award by Mr. Ajith Wattuhewa, the incumbent President of FCCISL. She was noted for her entrepreneurial spirit, which led to the creation of her own company and fashion label.


Professor Steve Rawlinson, President of the Raffles Colombo, has expressed his gratitude to Mr. Wattuhewa and the FCCISL for their proactive and forward-thinking strategy of recognising talented youth in Sri Lanka. “Such recognition would not only provide encouragement to the recipient of the award, but would also be motivating to other students and graduates.”

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