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MONGOLIA – The United Nations is an international organisation guided by their resolution to maintain international peace and security, to achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian characters and in protecting human rights. Mongolia has been a member of the United Nations since October 25th, 1961.

Recently, the United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary on October 2015. As part of the commemoration, Interior Design students of Raffles Ulaanbaatar were granted the task to re-design the lobby area of the United Nations House in Ulaanbaatar.

This opportunity granted students the chance to push beyond their limits as they learned on how to transfer ideals and principles of the United Nations into design. Within the scope of modules like Design Studio III and Office Design, they competed with one another by developing several concepts for the offices and lobby area. Upon submission, their works would be judged by a jury of United Nations officers where they would choose a winner. Thus, the decision was finalised when third year Interior Design student Solongo LKHAGVASUREN’s concept, which is based on the principles of transparency, light and clarity was chosen.

In order to express the clarity and integrity of the United Nations, Solongo incorporated the primary colours of white, grey, yellow, beige and blue onto the interiors of the lobby. This correlates with her concept statement, where the lobby is the face of the whole building. On track to her professional career as an interior designer, it has been a unique opportunity for Solongo to experience the steps of a design developmental process. Supervised by our creative practitioners, she learnt the elements of knowledge application and project management during the process.

The collaboration with the United Nations has further highlighted the need to provide students with opportunities to blend both theoretical and practical skills that are relevant for asserting themselves in the market. For Raffles, education is not temporary, but a lifetime investment.