Beyond Classroom Learning for Raffles Interior Designers and Entrepreneurs

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Singapore – Field trip, beyond classroom learning, is one of Raffles Singapore‘s multi-faceted learning approaches. 16 Raffles Interior Designers watched a live drawing by Stephen Wiltshire, a world-renowned British architectural artist who is well-known for his astounding ability to draw detailed landscapes after viewing it once, at Paragon on 17 July 2014.

“This was a good opportunity for students to learn out of the classroom, appreciating and observing how professional artist applies what was taught in the classroom. After the trip, they were tasked to sketch items in Paragon as an exercise on drawing inspiration from Stephen’s talent and determination in completing the massive drawing given a tight deadline.” said Jasen Chia, Raffles Creative Practitioner.

On 4 August 2014, Raffles Entrepreneurs were brought to the Singapore Arts Museum to learn about cross-cultural communication through contemporary Southeast Asian Art. During the trip, they were taught to appreciate cultural values and the impact of art on work ethic, communication and innovation. They also learnt to explore identity, change and intercultural adaptation through art, and improve cross-cultural interaction among multi-national students. “Through this trip, students will be exposed to the Singapore cultures and contemporary arts, bringing the knowledge that they have learnt from the textbooks to an experiential level.” said Michael Leong, Raffles Creative Practitioner.