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Switzerland – Studying is no longer about getting good grades. It is about character development, acquiring social skills and building global network in this border-less society. There is also a growing popularity of gaining of knowledge, enriching of learning experience and honing of vocational skills outside of a classroom environment.

Many Raffles students have already tapped on the inter-college transfer arrangement within Raffles’ group of colleges to immerse themselves in a new cultural and social environment for added exposure. Not limiting our students to the Asia Pacific experience, Raffles Education Corporation set up Raffles Switzerland this year to facilitate the out-of-classroom learning opportunity in Europe.

Switzerland, synonymous to quality in areas of hospitality, luxury goods, and culinary, is an education haven for Raffles students to understand the importance of being detail-oriented, and developing the finesse in their designs or business ideas. Through Raffles Switzerland’s two-week Immersion or three-month Enrichment Programmes, our students will acquire a new language like French or Italian, learn to be independent yet integrate into a global community, pick up a new hobby or sport, and visit neighbouring design and business hubs like Geneva, Paris, Milan, London, Frankfurt and Berlin etc to understand the design process and business operation of successful brands and companies and industry attachment.

To introduce this overseas exchange programme to all Raffles students, Mr. ONG Kai How (Director, Education Tourism), and Mr. Fabien PRODUIT (College Director, Raffles Switzerland) visited colleges in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, Delhi and Shanghai to meet with the students.

Such overseas student exchange and industry attachment programmes, specifically designed for prospective and current Raffles students, will equip them with the necessary life skills in adapting to a new environment, creativity and resourcefulness to manage challenges in life and career, and designing their future for success! This is truly a Raffles’ global advantage.

Enrichment Programme (3-month) commences in:

  • Winter Semester: January – March
  • Spring Semester: April – June
  • Summer Semester: July – September
  • Autumn Semester: October – December

Immersion Programme (2-week): commences in:

  • December,
    June and


For registration, please apply to

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