An All-encompassing Approach to Learning for Raffles Students

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Singapore – Interactive learning has been an ongoing teaching approach adopted by Raffles Creative Practitioners. In August 2014, students went on an all-encompassing field trip to learn about the online business and a visit to a multi-billion dollar industry.

On 14 August, Raffles English Department brought Raffles Designers and Entrepreneurs to the SingTel Comcenter where they learned about the world’s largest e-Commerce business called Shopify. Students were also introduced to topics such as the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), pop-up stores, merchandising, content marketing and many more. They were also challenged to write a business plan and then present on a product, company or service.

On 28 August, Raffles Marketing Department went on an outdoor trip to the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Five Raffles Marketers learnt about the marketing techniques and the secrets to sustaining a multi-billion dollar business in the digital era.