Graphic Design Course

Course Overview

Our graphic design (Visual Communication Course) is about creating stunning images and artworks that deliver powerful messages. At Raffles, our coursework will equip students as they develop their skills in creating magazine layouts, book covers, promo ads, and other commercial art forms that can be crafted with graphic design. Our graphic design Course modules consists of activities to guide students as they design commercially-viable graphic design portfolios sought by top creative agencies. At Raffles, we guarantee students have the right tools and exposure to grow as professionals.

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9 months Diploma & 15 months Advanced Diploma
Available at Raffles Campuses in:
Singapore, Sri Lanka, India

2 years Advanced Diploma
Available at Raffles campuses in:
Thailand, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Mongolia.

January, April, July, October
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in
Graphic Design (Top Up)

January, April. July, October

1 year (Full-time)

Available at
Raffles campus in Singapore

Masters Of Arts in
Graphic Design

January, July

1 year (Full-time)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Design
Awarded by Northumbria University, UK

Available at
Available at Raffles campus in Thailand

January, July

1 year (Full-time)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Design
Awarded by University Of Derby, UK

Available at
Raffles Academy campuses in
Beijing, Guang zhou, Shanghai and
Raffles International College in Hong Kong

April, October

9 Months (Full-time)

Master in Visual Design
Awarded by Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

Available at
Available at Raffles campus in Italy


10 Months (Full-time)


9 Months Diploma
Academic Research & Communication Skills
Colour for Designers
Creativity & Problem Solving
Design History and Culture
Design Principles
Digital and Applied Illustration
Digital Image Processing
Digital Photography
Drawing for Designers
Fundamentals of Page Layout
Fundamentals of Typography
Graphic Print Production


15 Months Advanced Diploma
Advanced Layout and Production
Advanced Typography
Advanced Design Principles
Design Studio 1 – Design Project
Design Studio 2 – Design Project
Identity System Design
Independent Research
Industrial Attachment
Interactive Media Design
Packaging Design
Portfolio 1 and 2
Publication Design
Web Design Principles



Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Coventry University, UK

Design Contexts 3
Design Practice 3
PDP 3: Creative Futures
Typography 3
Visual Communication 3

Electives (choose one)
Advanced English: Academic Essay Writing
Design Promotion
Enhancing Reflective Study Skills Across Cultural Boundaries
Global Experience in Art and Design
How to set up a Freelance Business



Master Of Arts
Coventry University, UK

  • Lines Of Communication
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Future Perfect
  • MA Major Project



Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Northumbria University, UK

Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design
Design Report
Experiential &
Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design
Final Project in Graphic Design







Master Degree in Visual Design
Raffles Istituto Moda e Design Milano, Italy

  • Research
  • Art direction.
  • Branding.
  • Publishing
  • Typography and icons.
  • Data display.
  • Wayfinding and signage.
  • Digital and user interface design.
  • Concept generation
  • Integrated graphic/communication design











Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
University Of Derby, UK

Visual Culture: Extended Essay
Negotiated Study in Graphic Design
Specialist Practice in Graphic Design

Creative Director
Advertising Art Director
Editorial Designer
Corporate Identity Designer
Packaging Designer
Print Production Manager