Team Building Day At Raffles Delhi

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21822603050_edbea2f45d_b Team Building Day At Raffles Delhi

India – It was a day of fun and great bonding session for staff from Raffles Delhi in December 2014. They enjoyed a spread of homemade food for staff by staff and participated in sporting activities such as badminton and Frisbee at the Lodi Garden in New Delhi.

Prior to the session, staff from different countries and Indian cities whipped their best dishes to share with their colleagues for the picnic. It was a great cross-cultural learning experience when staff got to know more about each other.

22020610971_2a3681cb75_b Team Building Day At Raffles Delhi

Brian Orvik, Interior Design Program Coordinator said, “The weather was indeed perfect for a relaxing combination of activities including Frisbee, badminton and a tour to the beautiful and historic grounds of the gardens. Everyone also had a chance to contribute a dish for the group. There were many eclectic and delicious offerings, so no one went away hungry. Events such as these are always a great bonding opportunity for everyone involved.”