Breaking Through Boundaries At The Spade Awards

Ena WeeRaffles News

SINGAPORE – Combining elements across various traditional design fields, Spatial Design is a relatively new design discipline which has rose to prominence in recent years. Breaking through conventional boundaries has always been a forte of Raffles however, and we’re proud to announce an outstanding slate of achievements by our Raffles Designers at the Spatial Design (SPADE) Awards this year! Held … Read More

Raffles Interior Designers Go Green in a Collaborative Project with Jason Pomeroy

Sabbir AlamRaffles News

Singapore – In conjunction with the Singapore Green Building Week 2014, 35 Raffles Interior Designers showcased 17 scaled model in a three-week ‘Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens’ exhibition held at the National Design Centre in September 2014. In the prestigious collaboration, Raffles Interior Designers were given an opportunity to ‘bring to life’ several elements of Jason Pomeroy’s latest published title, ... Read More