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SINGAPORE – Raffles Interior Designer Shindy WIJAYA was crowned as the Winner of the Greenlam Inspire the Future Design Competition! Organised by Greenlam Laminates, the competition had drawn submissions from tertiary institutions all over Singapore. Shindy’s design, entitled ‘Golden Oblique’, has exemplified a unique inspiration and a compelling vision for the future of design that got her the award. To celebrate … Read More


Ena WeeRaffles News

INDIA – Providing students with a holistic and quality education is not just what Raffles does, but we also equip them with professional development skills that prepare them to be industry ready. With the latest practice and know-how injected into our curriculum, Interior Design students from Raffles Bangalore had the opportunity to participate in a live industrial project. Led by their faculty’s creative practitioner, Dr. Neena Jaju Pingaley, the … Read More

Breaking Through Boundaries At The Spade Awards

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SINGAPORE – Combining elements across various traditional design fields, Spatial Design is a relatively new design discipline which has rose to prominence in recent years. Breaking through conventional boundaries has always been a forte of Raffles however, and we’re proud to announce an outstanding slate of achievements by our Raffles Designers at the Spatial Design (SPADE) Awards this year! Held … Read More

FBI: A Designer’s Makeover

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INDIA – At Raffles Mumbai, in addition to grooming designers in their respective professional fields, a strong emphasis is also placed on the development of their leadership and entrepreneurship potential. And today, we’re proud to share the successes of Kahan PATIL, who undertook his first independent interior re-design of a resto-bar named ‘FBI – Food and Bar Industry’, under his label ‘Kahan Patil Design … Read More

Raffles Creative Practitioner Got His Project Published in Cambodia’s Newspaper

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Cambodia – Raffles International College Cambodia’s Raffles Creative Practitioner of Interior Design, Ruben Castillero, was interviewed by Cambodia’s most prestigious newspaper “The Phnom Penh Post”, as he had earlier published a fascinating article about the architectural festival ‘Our City 2014’ in Cambodia. The article was focused on an urban-architectural project that Ruben developed to solve traffic problems in the Cambodia’s … Read More