Team Building Day At Raffles Delhi

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India – It was a day of fun and great bonding session for staff from Raffles Delhi in December 2014. They enjoyed a spread of homemade food for staff by staff and participated in sporting activities such as badminton and Frisbee at the Lodi Garden in New Delhi. Prior to the session, staff from different countries and Indian cities whipped … Read More

Engage, Exchange & Gain – Raffles Singapore Partakes in Insightful World Federation For Mental Health Regional Congress 2014

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Singapore – World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) Regional Congress 2015 will be held in Singapore, with Raffles Singapore as the official organiser. Dr Monica Walet, Raffles Academic Director and Programme Director of Psychology, also the appointed Co-Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, was invited to be part of this year’s congress in Athens, Greece. The theme of the Congress … Read More

Imagine, Believe & Achieve – Raffles Fashion Marketer Karishma Dhupar Holds All Aces In Career

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Singapore – It has always been a smooth sail for Raffles Graduates to be hired by renowned brands and organisations, and it is no difference for Raffles Fashion Marketer Karishma Dhupar. The choice was clear for Karishma when she decided to pursue the Fashion Marketing course at Raffles Singapore. In her perspective, fashion is not just an occupation but a … Read More

Launch of Artify Studio and DRM’R Clothing By Raffles Designers Tay Hui Jie and Zac Ong

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Singapore – Barely six months after graduation, two Raffles Designers from Raffles Singapore‘s Visual Communication disciplines, Tay Hui Jie and Zac Ong Chii Terng, have set up their own labels. They are indeed real-life examples of how Raffles groom its Designers to be industry professionals. Graduated with Bachelor of Design, With Major in Graphic Design, Hui Jie launched Artify Studio … Read More

Raffles Fashion Designer Chiang Xiaojun’s Impeccable Launch At Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week 2014

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Singapore - To say that it was a golden opportunity for PLEATATION to be invited to feature at the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week 2014 in Malaysia would be an understatement. It was in fact a double blessing for Raffles Fashion Designer Chiang Xiaojun as this invitation came on the right time for her to launch her latest ... Read More

Triple Achievements for Raffles Singapore Luminary Fashion Designer Joe Chia

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Singapore – In just a couple of months, Raffles Luminary Fashion Designer Joe Chia from Raffles Singapore scored three achievements. He is definitely on the move towards making a big name for himself in the fashion design industry. For two consecutive years, Joe Chia was awarded the Asia's Most Influential Designer at the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2014. He ... Read More

Raffles Fashion Designers Liau Jia Hui, Jessica Paola and Laurensia Salim Conquest For Awards Reaches Italy

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Singapore - The string of awards that Raffles Designers have won goes across the globe. Adding on to the international conquest was an award from Italy named “First Edition GIULIACARLA CECCHI PRIZE International Competition”. Raffles Fashion Designers Liau Jia Hui won the Special Mention Award while Jessica Paola and Laurensia Salim won the Honourable Mention. Organised by Pola Cecchi, daughter ... Read More

Raffles Designer Samal Bandara Won the Art With Impact Film Contest

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Singapore – Raffles Designer Samal Bandara who graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication), With Major in Animation in June 2014 from Raffles Singapore was a winner of the Art With Impact Film Contest, a philanthropic competition using mental health as the topic. Using animation, his short film on ‘Schizophrenia’ visually portrayed the distress from people affected by the illness … Read More

Raffles Jewellery Designer Summer Yang Mingyu Won 2014’s Jewellery Design Award

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Singapore – In conjunction with the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair (SJGF) 2014, the Singapore Jewellery Design Award 2014 ceremony was held on 23 October at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Congratulations to Raffles Jewellery Designer Summer Yang Mingyu, who won the first runner-up for Category B in 2014. Gracing the event was Mr Thomas Chua Kee Seng, President … Read More

Experiencing Cultural Exchange Between Raffles Singapore and Bunka Fashion College in Japan

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Singapore - Raffles Fashion Designers from Raffles Singapore namely Daniella Grace Krestianto and Zhong Haowen who graduated in December 2014 were winners of the 4th JCC Sustainable Fashion Design Contest. Their triumph entitled them an opportunity to experience cultural exchange with fashion designers from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan. From 29 October to 3 November 2014, both of ... Read More