Raffles Flatlay Competition 2015

Wishing For a Brand New Apple Watch this Christmas?

Join us by snapping your own flatlay with the word ‘Raffles’ in it. Simply follow the steps below and get started!

1. Follow us on our Instagram account @rafflesinternational

2. Find a flat surface and snap a photo of your own flat lay with the word ‘Raffles in it. You can write, draw, print and sketch the word ‘Raffles’ in any possible way.

3. Tag us at @rafflesinternational on Instagram

4. Hashtag #RafflesFlatLay and stay tuned to find out if you’ve won!

Out of ideas?

Download a printable version of one of our ‘Raffles’ prints here. Print one out and get started with your flat lay!

One lucky winner will be notified on 4th January 2016

What are you waiting for? Snap away and you might just be our lucky winner!