Marketing Course

Course Overview

Our Marketing Course will teach students the skills to understand each target market well enough to draft an ideal marketing mix and execute effective and high-impact marketing campaigns. At Raffles, we understand that becoming a professional marketing specialist will require familiarization in fundamental and trending business topics. Our Marketing Course will also equip students with the skills in delivering formal presentations.

At Raffles, our Marketing Course will lead students through an introduction to marketing, business theories and skills, while encouraging students to delve into deeper marketing topics and learn how to perfect their presentation techniques.

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About Raffles

Advanced Diploma

2 Years (Full-time)

January, April, July and October

Course Modules

Advertising & Public Relations
Business Portfolio
Business Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics & Probability
Business Statistics 2: Inferential Statistics
Buyer & Consumer Behaviour
Corporate Identity & Brand Management
Diversity in Global Marketing

Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Industrial Attachment
Learning Studies
Presentation, Grooming & Etiquette
Research Methods
Strategic Marketing
Team Building

Advertising Director
Account Director
Brand Director
Digital Marketing Director
Internet Marketing Director
Publicity Director
Marketing Manager

Project Manager
Market Research Manager
Product Manager
Marketing Consultant
Media Buyer
P.R Consultant