Fashion Communication & Journalism Course

Course Overview

Our Fashion Communication & Journalism Course is specifically catered to students who are interested in Fashion but would rather not plunge into the design route. Students can pride themselves in embarking on their journey in our Fashion Communication & Journalism Course as they uncover their skills in corporate journalism and writing, spotting trends, digital photography, digital illustration, image processing, and such. They will also explore the business slice of Fashion as they delve into market research techniques, fashion marketing and merchandising, integrated marketing communication, strategic marketing, e-fashion, brand management and other marketing subjects. All of which will contribute to a holistic learning experience as they delved into our Fashion Communication & Journalism Course.

Upon completion of the Fashion Communication & Journalism course at Raffles, students will advance to our Fashion Marketing Bachelor Degree programme.

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Fashion Communication & Journalism

Advanced Diploma

2 years

January, April, July, October

Bachelor’s Degree

1 year

January and July

Advanced Diploma Course Modules

Academic Research & Communication Skills
Advanced Layout & Production
Colour Theory for Fashion
Contemporary Fashion, Styles & Trends
Corporate Journalism & Writing for the Media
Current Issues in the Global Fashion Industry
Digital & Applied Illustration
Digital Photography
Fashion & the Consumer
Fashion Communication
Fashion Communication Project 1 & 2
Fashion Coordination & Promotion

Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
Garment & Composition
History of Costume
Image Processing
Industrial Attachment
Integrated Marketing Communication
Market Research Techniques
Marketing & Design on the Web
Media & the Culture
Multimedia & its Technology
Page Layout
Public Relations Writing

* Subject to change due to curriculum update.

Fashion Editor
Fashion Assistant
Fashion Stylist
Fashion Journalist

Promotion and Merchandising Officer
Fashion Advertiser
Feature Editor