Entrepreneurship Course

Course Overview

The Entrepreneurship Course provides students with critical entrepreneurship and innovation concepts and principles so that they can facilitate, lead and implement entrepreneurial projects and run a small business operation.

At Raffles, our Entrepreneurship Course will guide students in the complex stages of transforming an idea or concept into an innovation, invention or a business proposition so that they can develop, launch and manage new products and services successfully. Our course is designed to delve into analytical and innovative thinking so students can integrate in different functional areas of a business plan venture.

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Advanced Diploma In Entrepreneurship And Small Business Operation

2 Years (Full-time)

January, April, July and October

Advanced Diploma Course Modules

Advertising & Public Relations
Business Creativity & Innovation
Business Law
Business Portfolio
Business Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics & Probability
Business Statistics 2: Inferential Statistics
Entrepreneurship & Business Plan
Financial Management



Career Opportunities

Office Manager
Relationship Manager
Corporate Manager
Business Analyst
Business Consultant