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College Overview

Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur gives you the environment to express your creativity through design concepts or business campaigns. It is located in the city hub where design and business ideas can be observed in real-time. Raffles Kuala Lumpur has a team of experienced international lecturers who can impart knowledge of global practices. The curriculum is designed to give students the most industry exposure as possible. And this is why we have a track record of amazing award-winning students who realised their potentials.

Why Study @Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur

three years degree fast-track

Bachelor’s Degree in Three Years

A fast-track to career success begins with an intensive education. With Raffles, you can gain an internationally-recognised degree in three years after graduating from high school. Please check with us for our accelerated programmes.
no portfolio required for admission

No Portfolio Required for Admission

Want to study design in Malaysia? Lacking an arts or design background? No problem. At Raffles, we offer courses for those who wish to study design from scratch. And our intensive curriculum is tailored to develop your skills and talents. All you need is passion for your craft and determination to succeed.
practice-based learning

Practice-based Learning

Hate textbooks? Our design and business courses are practice-based, so you spend more time perfecting your skills in simulated studio and corporate environments. This allows you to bring your ideas alive – whether you choose to study design or business in Malaysia.
industry projects and internships

Industry Projects and Internships

Enhance your employability by gaining real experience – and get paid too! Internships and projects are good ways for you to add industry-level works to your design portfolio and/or corporate résumé. This sharpens your skills and gives you more credibility to future employers. Many of our students have been offered jobs by their employers after their internships.
networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Habits are contagious. When you study abroad in Malaysia, you will be exposed to learning from the best people of your chosen field for maximum professional growth. The Raffles Kuala Lumpur curriculum is guided by professional international lecturers with years of design and business experience. You can also meet industry professionals through guest lectures, field trips, and career placements.
multiple study destination

Multiple Study Destinations Available

With 100% transferable credits, you can study in participating private colleges within our network that provides your selected course. Study in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and many more countries for a truly multi-national education. Check with our education consultants for more information.
exclusive private education

Exclusive Private Education in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Class sizes are limited to around 15-20 students. This allows lecturers to understand your problems and give detailed and constructive advice. With this environment, you can also make friends easily. Several of our students have collaborated with each other to create their own labels after graduation.
international culture

International Culture

More than 50% of our students are from overseas. If making friends from around the world is your idea of a fun college life, you can find it at Raffles. Refresh your perspectives. Talk to them and swap stories of your motivations and inspirations.

Bachelor of Design

Certification Undergraduate Degree
Duration 2 + 1 years
Awarded by Raffles College Pte Ltd, Sydney
(trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce)
Intake January, April, July, October
Design Courses Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Jewellery Design
Multimedia Design
Entry Requirement

Advanced Diploma

Certification Advanced Diploma
Specialist Diploma (Applied Psychology)
Duration 2 years
Awarded by Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore
Intake January, April, July, October
Business Courses Marketing
Design Courses Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Jewellery Design
Multimedia Design
Science Courses Applied Psychology
Entry Requirement

Why Kuala Lumpur

  • Comfortable standard of living
  • Tourism hotspot
  • Accessible healthcare
  • Relatively lower cost of living in comparison to western countries
  • High Street shopping
  • Broad range of affordable craft materials
  • Track record of award-winning students
  • Scenic nature adventures available for the fearless

Cost of Living*

Accommodation RM600-800
Transportation RM100-200
Dining RM700-900
Phone Bill RM50-100
Total RM1450-2000
*Estimated cost

Campus and Facilities

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